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Canva vs. GetStencil: A Graphic Design Comparison

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Canva vs. GetStencil: A Graphic Design Comparison

Would you call yourself a graphic designer? 

Maybe you LOVE art and creativity. Or maybe you would call yourself anything BUT a designer. 

But now that you’re starting your own business, you’ve probably come to a swift realization that you need graphic design for your business – be it for a single logo or an entire website.  While Canva seems to be the go to grahpic design software tool, Getstencil is one that is sometimes overlooked.

And depending on your business, you may not necessarily have the budget to hire an expensive graphic designer. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to do basic graphic design all on your own – even as a beginner. 

Today, I’ll share a comparison of Canva versus GetStencil – two different graphic design programs you can use to build your business. For a visual walkthrough and for more comprehensive demonstrations of each, check out this video below! 

Both Canva and GetStencil provide basic free programs you can start with. These provide access to a broad variety of templates, elements, stock photos, and designs, and you can build on them with paid programs if you find you have need of it. Do you need to create a social media post? An email banner? A poster? A logo? 

Canva Features

Canva has a pretty solid free setup, and one of the things I personally love about Canva is that they have pre-built templates you can use as well as building your own from scratch. You can also duplicate previous designs so you can build off of previous work, or customize a pre-built template to your own colors and brand.

With Canva, you can buy a unique element, photo, font, or template by itself if you don’t want to upgrade to a paid plan. However, there is a wide enough free selection that I’ve been able to find what I need without purchasing anything. 

One benefit of the upgraded Canva plan is that you can create a cohesive brand kit with colors, fonts, etc. and then pull directly from your brand folder any time you are creating something. This makes it easier to stay on brand if you are constantly creating material. 

GetStencil Features

On the other hand, GetStencil has an entirely different style. The free program does not offer as much as the paid program, but particularly if you like to create quotes and similar content, this is a great place to go. In fact, they have over two million quotes here. 

They also have stock photos, templates, and logos that allow you to upload quotes. In GetStencil, you can also upload your own font if you have found something online that you prefer. You’re able to customize your design with shadows, color, lighting, etc. If you like to do a lot of photos with quotes, this is a great option to use. 

In conclusion, both Canva and GetStencil are great options for free graphic design platforms with the option of upgrading if necessary. Canva is better for creative projects like logos, social media posts, ebooks, etc., while GetStencil is better for designing quotes and quote-based posts. 

As you get started, consider what your business’s needs are and what content you’ll need to create. Again, check out the video above for a more in-depth walkthrough and demonstration of both Canva and GetStencil! 

And then – go for it! Because both of these platforms allow free accounts, you can play around with both and experiment with what they offer. As you practice, graphic design will get easier – and you’ll be able to better decide what works best for you. 

You’ve got this!

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