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How To Get Your First 150 Email Subscribers Fast

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How To Get Your First 150 Email Subscribers Fast

In this article, I want to show you how to get 150 email subscribers fast. You can even get them today. But, before I explain, I want to show you four other ways to help you build your email list up to the thousands.

While I’m going to show you the quick way to get a few subscribers to get you started, it’s important that you put these other systems into place so that you can continue to keep adding high-quality email subscribers to your list.

Why Do You Need An Email List?

For those of you who aren’t sure why you even need an email list, I’ll explain quickly. In general, an email list consists of email addresses that you would collect when you offer something for free to your website or YouTube visitors.

For example, you might offer your visitors 7 free recipes that can help them lose weight. Visitors to your site who want that offer will sign up for it with their email addresses. Then, you send them the download link.

Once these subscribers are on your list, you can keep sending them emails. This could include further free offers, useful information, and eventually, even products that they can purchase. It’s an easy way to market your products and services to an interested audience.

In fact, it’s one of the most effective marketing methods, but it does take time to build your list.

Four Ways To Build Your Email List

These 4 ways of building your email list require you to establish systems. Let’s discuss these in more details.

1. Establish An Opt In With A Lead Magnet

To establish an opt-in, I use a sales funnel. I offer a 40-page free ebook about affiliate marketing.

free ebook

All people have to do to get the offer, is click a button and then enter their email address. Once they do this, the system automatically sends them an email with a downloadable PDF. This means that they’ll get their free ebook instantly.

All the emails that you collect will go into an email collector called an autoresponder. You certainly don’t want to use your personal email or a free email account for this because you’re likely to end up with thousands of subscribers.

Eventually, this means that you’ll have a huge audience to whom you can sell your products or services.

There are free autoresponders available, like MailChimp, but once you get a lot of subscribers, most of these won’t be able to handle the volume and restrict you on the number of subscribers you can have. Plus, you’ll be limited with the number of features you can have too.

Therefore, do some research and choose an autoresponder that you can grow with. Many of these start out with an affordable price like $15 a month. Then, as you grow your list, they’ll start charging you more because you’re using more of their services.

The autoresponder I use is called Active Campaign. This does have a free trial and you can check it out here. I also like to use Clickfunnels. This also has a free trial that you can check out here.

Of course, you have to set up your opt-in form somewhere on your website so that people can see it and sign up for your free offer.

For example, we look at Miles Beckler’s site in the video and he has an opt-in right on his home page.

email subscribers

If you look at his site, you’ll see that he has opt-ins and offers right throughout his site. This includes in the sidebar and in the header. He also uses pop-ups.

2. Content Upgrade

For this method, we’re going to have a look at Neil Patel’s site. If you go to any of the blog articles on his site, you’ll see these links.

content upgrade

Basically, with a content upgrade, what you’re telling your readers is that there’s more information available on the topic that they’re interested in. Normally, these links will lead to other articles on the same or similar topics.

The aim of this is to keep people on the site for as long as possible. And, if they get plenty of helpful information, they’re more likely to sign up for the newsletter.

3. Offer A Contest Or Free Give Away

This method uses a free give away or prizes that people can win when they submit their email address. Obviously, you have to make it enticing and offer something that many people will want to win.

In fact, if you really want to get a lot of emails, why not give away a tablet or something similar. It might cost a couple of hundred dollars to buy the tablet, but think about how many people would sign up for this contest.

However, the only problem with this type of contest is that you might get a lot of people sign up who really don’t want anything to do with your newsletter. Therefore, this may not yield you many quality subscribers.

So, be careful with giving away something that EVERYONE might want. Instead, consider giving away something that is relevant to your niche.

For example, because I’m an affiliate for Active Campaign, I could give away a six-month subscription to Active Campaign. Therefore, this offer would be targeted at my ideal subscribers – people who are interested in affiliate marketing and building an online business. And, it would only cost me around $90.

Another example is to give away a free trip. In fact, I see a lot of people who are giving away free trips. And, you might wonder, “how can they afford to do that?”.

I wondered about that too, so I googled it. What I found was an affiliate program that you can sign up for that allows you to give away free trips.

Then, for every person who signs up and takes the trip, you get paid a commission because you’ve provided the company with new leads. No doubt, when someone takes the trip, the company would have upsells to perhaps add more days or upgrade to a fancier hotel.

So basically, it’s a win, win situation for everyone involved. The subscriber gets a free trip, you get some commission and the vacation company gets a new customer. Plus, it’s a great way to increase your email list.

4. Create Webinars

Another idea is to entice people to sign up for a webinar. You might think about creating a webinar to show people how to do something. For example, here’s a webinar sign-up for a web designer.

webinar email subscribers

When you click the “start here” button, a link pops up to sign up for a webinar. Once you sign up, you’ll get redirected to the webinar which is pre-recorded. And, the good thing is that all of this is automated and works in the background as you get on with your day.

How To Get 150 Subscribers Today

Right now, you might be sitting there and saying, “I don’t have a funnel or a blog or even a webinar. I don’t even have a YouTube channel. Can I build an email list without all those things?”.

Important Tip: Don’t be tempted to post links all over your Facebook account because it’s against their terms of service and you’ll end up in Facebook jail.

So, how can you quickly get 150 subscribers for your email list today?

Take note that I only recommend this if you’re brand new. If you already have systems in place, you don’t need this.

Buy A Solo Ad

This is what I did when I first started out. I went to a website called Udimi. This is a site that links you with other online marketers who have large email lists of subscribers. Through this site, you can purchase a “solo ad” that the marketer, who you’ve selected, will then send out to his or her list.

Of course, you want to select a marketer who is in the same niche as you so that his or her subscribers will be interested in your offer and click on the link that you’re going to provide in your “ad”.

This is how it works:

  • You select a marketer who is in your niche and who is charging the right price to fit into your budget.
  • You would then let the marketer know a little about your business and how many leads you want to buy.
  • Then, send him or her your marketing copy that includes the free offer that you have to give away for new subscribers.
  • Even if you don’t have a funnel, you can go to Google and set up a PDF link for your free ebook that you can include in the email offer.
  • Your chosen marketer will then send your offer to his or her list and once you have the requested number of clicks, it’s done.
  • Some marketers will give you a few more clicks as part of the package because not everyone who clicks the link is going to sign up for your offer and give you their email address.
  • Make sure though that you have at least an autoresponder set up before you do this because you have to have a way to collect those email addresses.

This is possibly the easiest way to get your first email subscribers.

Another place you can search for solo ads is actually on Facebook. You can search for solo ad buying and selling groups. Then, you can join these groups and buy some solo ads.

Facebook solo ad groups

But you have to be careful because these groups haven’t been vetted and you might not get the quality of subscribers that you want. But, you can go in and read some of the testimonials to work out which ones are reputable.

So, that’s how you can get 150 email subscribers today. Yes, you are buying them but it’s a great way to get started. You might want to consider buying your first 2,000 subscribers. At least then, you’ll have a substantial email list that you can start sending emails to.

This will allow you to start sending newsletters to these subscribers while you set up the systems that we discussed earlier. To help you further, here’s a link to a video that explains how to set up your email account.

You’ve Got This!

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