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How to Build a One Page Website

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How to Build a One Page Website

You’ve jumped into your new online business with both feet…and as you hit the technological side of things, maybe you’ve found yourself a bit over your head! Now you’re swimming through the flood of options and decisions that seem to come with the territory. Do you build a one page website or a full-blown one? 

How do you build your “home base” website when it’s all totally new to you?

Many individuals opt to start out with a simple one page website and build from there – but even a one-page site can seem overwhelming if you’re just getting started. There are nearly as many opinions and methods as there are websites, and it can be difficult to know where to even begin! 

Fortunately, there are also simple ways of getting started

Everyone’s got their favorite, but mine is ClickFunnels – I use it for everything. And in today’s post, I’ll walk you through the process of creating a simple one-page site using ClickFunnels. If you are brand-new and just learning the ropes, I highly recommend this route – because if you do decide to continue on into a full site, you can easily fit your existing funnel page into your new site. 

ClickFunnels also gives you a two-week free trial, so you can check it out, see if it is for you, and decide if it provides the resources you need. If you decide it’s not for you, it’s a risk-free way to try a program, get some experience, and figure out what elements you really need a program to include. 

Grab the free one page website template here and see how easy it is to edit as your own! The hard part has been done for you!

I share links to all this in the full video walk-through here

Fortunately, you don’t need to recreate the wheel with your first site. You can always download an existing template and customize it to your own needs. 

First and foremost, you need to have a domain

Every site requires a domain – e.g., – and ClickFunnels will give you a standard domain for free. Now the only unfortunate thing about this is that down the road, if you opt to build a new site, it is somewhat complicated to transfer the domain from ClickFunnels and move it to your new website. So if you’re planning to go that route, you may want to get a “starter” domain now that you can use to practice and test everything out, and then replace it or link to your new domain later.  

You also want to have a name for your one-page site. You can usually name a page with a non-audience-facing name, so it’s easy for you to differentiate between a list of your own pages – and your audience is none the wiser. 

Spend some time thinking about what elements you want to include on your page. Many templates are comprehensive and include a wide variety of elements, many of which you may not need. Make sure that you do have all the elements you need, and delete those which are unnecessary. 

You also want to grab your audience’s attention

Perhaps you’ll include an opt-in bonus to get email addresses, so your page is acting as a landing page as well. Or maybe you’ll add a few buttons to free resources you offer. If you want to dig into that process more deeply, you can check out my course Affiliate Marketing Mastery. Note – if ClickFunnels does end up being a good fit for you and you sign up via my affiliate link, you do get this course for free. Just shoot me an email and include the following code in your email: CODE AFM-CF9600. 

Depending on your business and your role in it, you can edit the “About Me” section accordingly to fit your situation. Perhaps you want to link to another separate page. Or perhaps you simply want to include a little “blurb” about you or your company. The good news is, you have the flexibility to customize this however you want. 

Finally, make sure to save and update your settings!

If you used a shared funnel template to get started, you don’t want your funnel to stay connected to whomever you got it from. Saving and updating your settings makes it yours. 

*Note: check out the video tutorial for an example of how to clone a shared funnel so that you can mess around with a “copy”, practice different things, and try different looks – all without ruining your first page.*

Using a One Page Website for your Business

In conclusion, if you’re moving into online business, you absolutely, hands-down cannot operate without a website. However, if you’re just getting started, it can be MUCH easier to work on a single-page site initially, figure out “the ropes”, and expand from there. 

If you are moving into affiliate marketing in particular, you will need a webpage link for nearly all affiliate marketing companies. They will usually ask for a website link in your affiliate application forms, and you’ll need to have something to share with them. You can also add social media buttons to your new page and draw traffic from those accounts as well. 

Your website is the front door for your business

In the end, your web presence is all about building credibility. People want to see that you are really serious about what you’re doing and that you’re not simply throwing a bunch of links out there. Your website is your “front door”, so to speak, and you want it to be one that your audience wants to knock on.

So try it out. Look for examples of other sites you like and figure out what elements you need to include in your site. Be willing to experiment and learn. And when you’re ready to grow and build a bigger website, you can connect your ClickFunnels pages directly to your new site using the Clickfunnels plug in – no wasted time. 

You’ve got this!

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