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How To Create A WAVY Text For Your Social Media

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How To Create A WAVY Text For Your Social Media

In this article, I want to show you how to create a wavy text that you can add to your video or any other social media that you have. This means you can use it for your Instagram posts, Facebook posts, plus all other kinds of social media designs.

Canva is actually amazing for this type of design. If you haven’t been using it, dig in as there are lots of things that it does. But today, we’re going to make a wavy post. Here’s an example I just made in less than five minutes and I’m going to show you how I did it.

How To Create A Post With Wavy Text

Many of you are aware of the curvy text that you can create using Canva, but here’s how to create wavy text. Just follow along with these steps.

1. Log into Canva and select a design to create.

2. For this tutorial, I just looked for a positive background image. You can use any background that you want, even just a plain color background or a photo.

3. Once you have your background, you want to add some text. I selected the “heading” text and added, “you’ve got this”. Of course, you can add any text that you want.

4. The next step is to select “effects” from the top menu to adjust the text.

5. As you scroll down, you can see that there’s the option to curve the text. However, instead of just curving the text, we want to create a wave. The way to do this is to actually split the text. So, in my example, I’ll have one box of text with “you’ve” and the second box of text with “got this”.

6. Now, you can curve each section of text separately. The first part curves downward and the second part will curve upwards. This ultimately will give you a wave effect. Make sure that each text box has the same curve angle but in different directions. So, you might curve the first text box at an angle of 51 and the second text box at an angle of -51.

Then, it’s just a case of lining up the two text boxes to create the wave.

Another Example Just For Fun

And, just to show you how easy and fast this is, I decided to create another one. For this one, I selected a different background and added some text. I then made the text bold so that it would stand out better. Next, I split the text in two again but this time, I did something a little different.

I actually split the text in the middle of a word as that was the middle of the phrase I wrote. This is what’s fun about using Canva because you can play around with it to get different effects.

Then, I added the different curves to each box of text and lined the boxes up again to get the wave. Here’s the result:

It’s quite effective, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and will have some fun creating different designs using all these amazing features that Canva has to offer.

Have fun with this!

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