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How To Create An End Screen Template For Your Outro For Free

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How To Create An End Screen Template For Your Outro For Free

In this article, I’m going to show you how to create an end screen for your YouTube videos. We’re going to create a template so that you can use it over and over again. And if you get tired of it, you’ll know how to make another one.

What Is An Outro?

First, let me explain what an outro or end screen template is. Then, I’ll show you how to make one and add it to your video before uploading to YouTube. Once we’re done, you’ll have a template that you can use over and over again.

When I first started making YouTube videos, I had no idea what an end screen or outro was. All I was concentrating on was making the actual videos.

But, follow along with me so that you can add these things to your videos and bring them up to a new level.

When you upload any video, you have the option to add an end screen. You can even add an end screen to any video that you’ve already uploaded to YouTube. All you have to do is select your video and edit it. Here’s what you’re looking for.

adding an end screen on uploaded videos

Many of you who are new are probably not doing this right now. But don’t worry. We’re going to come back to this so you can see how it’s done.

But remember, you can add the end screen when you upload the video as well. That’s usually when I do it. I do have a video that explains how to upload your own videos to YouTube. You can watch it here if you’re not familiar with the process.

Here’s one of my video and this is what the current end screen looks like.

current end screen

But, I want to make a new one because on this one, my sizing is a little off. I have played with this template a little but was having trouble getting it just right. So, I’m going to create a new one and show you how it’s done.

Creating The Template In Canva

Let’s go to Canva and start creating our template. The first thing you want to do is go to “create a design” and then type in YouTube outro or just outro.

create a design

Before we start creating our template, I need to tell you that if you don’t want to create your own, there is a place you can get templates in Canva, but you need a Pro account. Here’s just a few examples of the templates that are available if you have a Canva Pro membership.

available templates

This way you can grab one of these templates and then edit them to change the information for your own. But, for this lesson, we’re going to start with a blank one.

Here are the steps to creating a template using a blank screen.

1. Add A Background Color

The first thing you want to do is create a background color. You can, of course, leave the background white but a color adds a little interest. Plus, if you have specific colors in your branding, you can select one of those.

adding a background color

2. Add Some Text And Change The Font

The next thing is to add some text and then change the font to one you like. You can type in the search bar the kind of font you’re looking for. For example, I want a script, so I type that in and a selection of fonts appear.

Changing the font

3. Change The Color Of Your Text

Once you put in your text, you can also change the color. Just select the text and then click on the “A” in the editing bar, and you’ll be able to see a range of colors. If none of the colors that are available look just right, you can use the color picker to get exactly what you want.

changing the color of the font

4. Add More Boxes Of Text

If you want to add additional boxes of text, all you have to do is highlight the text and press “control C” or “command C”. This will copy the text and box. Then, just press “control V” or “command V” and your new box of text will be pasted.

You can do this a number of times if you want multiple boxes of text.

creating more text boxes

5. Add Some Visual Elements

To make it easier, you might like to add some visual elements to your end screen. If you click on “elements” on the left side, there are all sorts of things you can use. There are even shapes such as circles and squares that you can use for place holders for your videos.

You can play around with these and resize them and change the colors.

adding place holders

6. Save The Template To Your Desktop

Once you have your layout the way you want it, it’s time to save the template to your desktop. Remember to save the template as a PNG and not a video.

Adding The End Screen To Your Video

You have to add the end screen into your video using your video editing software. Remember that you want the end screen to play for 21 seconds because that’s how long YouTube will play your end screen.

As you know, I use Camtasia for my video editing, so I’m going to show you how I add the end screen into my video. First, I put the end screen template into the Media Bin in Camtasia.

Then, I added the template to the end of the video.

Adding template

However, as you can see, my video is no longer showing and, of course, I want this to be showing.

Therefore, what I have to do is to send the end screen to the background by right clicking and then selecting “send backward”.

sending to background

I had to resize my video so that it would fit where I wanted it.

Adding video

The important thing to remember is that the end screen has to play for 21 seconds. So, for this video of mine, being 1 minute and 15 seconds long, I have to start the end screen at 54 seconds and have it run right to the end.


So, when people are watching my video, they’ll see me talking and when it gets to the end screen, my video is going to shrink and the end screen will appear as a background.

Once you have done this, just save for video, ready to upload to YouTube.

Uploading Your Video With End Screen Onto YouTube

First, you want to upload your video. Then, you have to go through these steps to add the end screen.

1. Select “Add” To Add Your End Screen

Adding end screen

2. Add The Other Elements

Next, you want to add the other video and the subscribe button. Therefore, I’ll select the element that includes 1 video and 1 subscribe. You can move the placement of these around to make them fit the best into your end screen.

selecting element to add to end screen

I will then select the most recent video and add it to the end screen. What I like about this is that the most recent video selection is going to stay live. So, if someone watches this video 3 years from now, the next video is going to be the most recent, not one from 3 years ago.

I think this is important because it keeps your material fresh.

showing most recent video on end screen

You might have to play around with these a little in your template to get the sizing just right. That’s what I like about Canva. Once you’ve created your template, it stays there and you can keep coming back and editing it until you get it just right.

And that, is how you create a classy end screen for your videos! I hope you’ve found this helpful.

You’ve Got This!

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