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How to Grow Your Email List – Four Ideas for Lead Magnets

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How to Grow Your Email List – Four Ideas for Lead Magnets

In this article, we’re going to look at four different ways that you can grow your email list using lead magnets.

How Do I Grow My Email List? 

If you’re asking this question – excellent! In today’s world, this is a central focus every marketer or business owner should be thinking seriously about. How do you get someone to “allow” you into their inbox? How do you earn their trust? 

It all comes down to sharing something of value – something your audience wants enough to ask you for, even if it means giving you their email address. And in today’s post, I’m going to share four ideas for lead magnets that you can customize to your own business or company. 

1. You Want Your Lead Magnet To Offer A “Quick Win” Or A Quick Result

Often the best way to convey this is through a download. The format isn’t the most essential aspect – it’s the content. 

First, you want your lead magnet to offer a “quick win” or a quick result.

Regardless of whether you’re offering a PDF, an ebook, a checklist, or something else entirely, your audience needs to know that they will get a solid result. You need to keep up your end of the bargain – they’re giving your their email address, and you’re giving them the value they are asking for. And it needs to be an easy enough “win” that they can quickly see the transformation – or receive the information. 

For example, you do NOT want to offer a one-year weight loss challenge as a lead magnet. It needs to be something small and measurable.

It helps to think about it in terms of something printable. Perhaps your platform is centered on producing online media, so you offer a checklist on how to easily make your first YouTube video. Or if you’re in the health industry, maybe your lead magnet offers a week’s worth of healthy recipes. Regardless, you want your audience to receive a quick benefit from your value, leading to an overall positive experience with your brand. 

2. You Can Give Someone A Free Course

For example, I provide this lead magnet to my own audience in the form of an email marketing course. This can take several forms – you can offer someone a membership login to a course on a platform like Thinkific, or you can offer a series of videos in a week’s worth of emails.

You could also consider offering just the first module in a course. Regardless, your audience is introduced to your content in a meaningful way that’s easy for them to access and easy for them to apply.  

3. You Can Create A Webinar

When people sign up for your webinar, they also give you their email address. This is a great way to offer practical advice to your audience. Your webinar can provide free information, convey your message, and/or promote your product (even something small like a Facebook group).

You can offer this live if you have the ability (always a good idea) – but if not, there are software systems that can allow you to pre-record it – just make sure that a) you don’t promise anything false (e.g. join me for a live webinar!) and b) that you don’t refer to a specific season or other such “icon” that may render your webinar’s actual posting date invalid.

You can also keep your webinar “evergreen”, meaning it can be constantly running as long as you want it out there. Therefore, you don’t have to keep re-posting it. This way you can have a system that continually promotes your webinar and continually brings in email addresses for your list. Win-win! 

4. You Can Offer A Weekly Themed Newsletter As Your Lead Magnet

For example, you can kick off a new campaign to teach your audience how to drive traffic to their business. This is almost like a course delivered via email, but it is most likely narrower in scope. Then, for that period of time, you deliver that content via a series of email to your sign-ups.

This is different content than you are sending out in your general newsletter. It begins to plug your new audience into your style and what you offer. Then at the conclusion of your themed newsletter campaign, these individuals can begin to receive your general newsletter. 

Don’t get stuck on just one idea; try many different methods and see what works for you!

In conclusion, these are just four methods of many that you can try. Don’t get stuck on just one idea; try many different methods and see what works for you! Say your checklist isn’t working – perhaps you have to tweak it or try something else. Listen to your audience – they are going to let you know what works and what doesn’t. Be willing to pivot, and you’ll soon identify the avenues that best grow your email list.

Lead magnets are offered through a sales funnel. I personally use Clickfunnels. I can set up the funnel and collect emails in my sleep! Find the lead magnet that entices people to trade their email for your free thing!! Win-Win!

You’ve got this!

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