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How To Make An Intro For Your YouTube Video For Free

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How To Make An Intro For Your YouTube Video For Free

Do you want to know how to make an intro for your YouTube video using Canva? With Canva, you can make an intro for free.

I know that when I first started making YouTube videos, I was so impressed that people had these intros and some of them are really amazing. So, I researched it and found all these suggestions for using different software.

But, when you’re new to building a business, your resources are really limited. I believe that you can build a successful business without spending a lot of money on unnecessary tools. Personally, I do spend money on certain tools but I’ve taken the time to make sure that it’s only on things that I need. I prioritize those tools that are going to help me make money.

Do You Need An Intro?

You don’t have to have an intro. But, if you can make one yourself for free, why not. You might even consider creating a couple of different ones. It’s actually quite fun to make them. Don’t worry. I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

If you do decide to make your own intro, feel free to share it with us in the comments below. Just post a link to one of your videos and we can have a look at your intro and give you some feedback.

Some Words Of Encouragement

First, I want to give you some encouragement. When you start something new, you could read every book on the topic and think that you now know it all. But you don’t. You see, it’s a learning process.

To give you an example, I started raising goats about seven years ago. We moved to the country and my dream was to have this great big goat farm. I realized very quickly that you need a bunch of hands to help with this. So, we now only have eight goats because I can’t handle any more than that.

My point to this is that everything new is a learning process. And, a lot of times you don’t know that you need to learn until something happens. For instance, if one of my goats gets sick, I haven’t read any books on how to care for a sick goat because this has happened before.

It’s the same in business. You learn as you go. So, if something happens, you have to find out how to fix it. You’re not going to know everything in the beginning. People have built huge empires by just learning as they go. And, you can too.

I do hope this has encouraged you to create something new and to share it with us. I’m really excited to see what you can come up with.

How To Make An Intro For Your YouTube Video

When I created my intro in Canva, I did it in five parts. You don’t have to do it this way, but I just wanted to show you how I did it.

First, I made a little video in Canva with an animated heart. The second part is a video where you ask people to like your video and subscribe to your channel. The third part is a little thank you video, again with the animated heart. Then, the fourth part is to add some music, and finally, we’re going to create an annotation with your name on it.

So, let’s look at how to create these videos in Canva.

1. After you log into Canva, click on “Video” to start creating your videos.

choosing video in canba

I’m just going to show you where the resources are because you can figure out how to create your videos yourselves. When you click on “videos”, you’ll find a selection of different ones that you can use as a template.

Here’s a design that I made:

intro design

All I did was choose a template and changed the picture and the words. Then I added the “heart” and “diamond” elements and animated them so that they move.

intro animation

The template I chose was a free one. You want to choose free templates to start with so that you’re not spending any money.

2. Create page 2 as the thank you page.

For this, I just added some text and then also the animated heart and diamonds.

intro thank you page

You can add anything you want to these two pages. Personally, if I had to start over, I would make these less wordy because a lot of people aren’t going to have time to read all of that text.

Really, all you want to say is “hit that subscribe button, like my video, and hit the notification bell”. I found that I got tired of saying the same thing every single time on every video.

This intro just makes it a little more consistent and pleasant to watch.

3. Download your videos, one page at a time.

You can add more pages if you want to because you’re going to put them together and edit them in your software. I use Camtasia and I’m going to show you how easy it is.

intro download

Before Compiling Your Intro In Camtasia

To get the little notification bell, I searched YouTube for videos that had green screens and were copyright free. I collected 15 of these and made them into a video. Here’s the link. Feel free to use these or search for what you want yourself. Just use your screencast tool (such as Camtasia) and videotape the parts that you want to add to your intro. All the ones I have are copyright free. So, if you’re going to find some of your own, make sure that you’re able to use them for free.

Before compiling your intro in Camtasia, you need to find some music for the background. You can find this right in your YouTube channel. I would recommend that anytime you use any music, that you get it from YouTube. This way you can be assured that it’s copyright free.

intro music

From the audio library, you can select the type of music that you want in the background. Once, you’ve chosen your music, download it. Once you upload your music track into Camtasia, you can edit and split it, so that you get exactly what you want.

Next, you want to upload the videos you created in Canva and start putting them all together. Make sure your intro video is not too long. Around 15 seconds is fine but you don’t want it to be any longer than that.

How To Compile Your Intro In Camtasia

As you can see from the screenshot below, I just place the individual parts of the video in the section at the bottom in the order that I want them to play.


In the space between the “subscribe section” and the “thank you” video, I’m going to place an annotation. This is where I’m going to put my name. In the annotation, you can add your Instagram account, your website, or anything else that you want.

intro annotation

Next, we want to choose a behavior. There are quite a few you can choose from. You can have the annotation slide-in or fly in and out, etc.

annotation behavior

Once, you have your intro the way you want it, save it on your computer as an MP4. This way, you’ll have it handy whenever you need it.

So for me, I’ll add this intro into every video that I make. You can even create different ones to add some variety to your videos.

And, if you haven’t tried Camtasia yet, here’s the link if you would like to check it out.

I hope that you found this information useful.

You’ve Got this!

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