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What IS a Sales Funnel?

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What IS a Sales Funnel?

If you’re just starting out in marketing, odds are you’ve already experienced the overwhelming flood of information you’ll find. Do this. Do that. Whatever you do, DON’T do “X”!!!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself wishing for a step-by-step checklist to success. I did! But while there isn’t a comprehensive “ultimate starter sheet” for every kind of business, there are certain systems and processes you can incorporate. By tackling these one at a time, your business and marketing will start to come together. And today, we’re going to talk about your sales funnel – what it is, how it differs from a lead magnet funnel, and how you might use an example sales funnel. 

First – what IS a sales funnel?

In summary, a sales funnel is a process that helps move a potential buyer from “indifferent” to “ready to put money down”. 

Say you’re selling protein shakes (as an entirely random example). No one’s going to meet you for the first time and say, “Oh, she’s selling a protein shake. I’m going to buy it.” People don’t buy that way. They buy from the businesses they like and the people they trust.

People buy from the businesses they like and the people they trust. 

The point of a sales funnel is to help your buyer to build trust, understand your product, and picture themselves with the transformed experience you’re providing. 

We’ve all walked away from a poor customer service situation, even if it meant giving up a product. Conversely, we’ve also been willing to compromise a bit and pay a higher price for high-end products and services with excellent customer service. On a basic level, it’s similar to tipping at a restaurant – the better waiters and waitresses receive better tips, and the same principle holds true in marketing as well. 

Your goal is to get your audience to like you and trust you. 

And you do this through your sales process. Pay attention to details from the very beginning. Personally, I always ask for first names as well when I use lead magnets – e.g., free content I offer (like an e-book) in exchange for a potential customer’s email address.

Collect Emails

This way I can customize their emails more accurately, sending them a message personalized directly to them. You can also send a “thank-you” after they sign up or purchase a different product. Who doesn’t like to be “singled out”? This is a very simple, small step to start building rapport with your audience. 

WHY it is important to build trust!

Second, what does a sales funnel look like? How does it compare to a lead magnet funnel? 

A sales funnel differs from a lead magnet funnel in that your lead magnet is simply designed to build your email list; your sales funnel is designed to bring in sales. For example, let’s say you offer something free and get their email address – and then your funnel clicks to something such as “Hey, if you like product “Y”, you might like product “Z”!” This would lead to a sales page where the customer could input their information. 

That’s obviously pretty simplified – so let’s use an example to illustrate. First, a lead magnet funnel. 

A bombshell report reveals how more than a hundred million online millionaires
are quietly making over $80,000 a month without lifting a finger. 

Odds are, you want to read this report. So you click the link, which brings you to my funnel and a pop-up that offers “Send me the report!” This is where I collect your name and email address. Once you’ve opted-in, my email marketing system (I use ActiveCampaign) automatically forwards you the correct download. 

Here are 3 important reasons to build trust with any potential customer!

Now, for an example of a sales funnel: 

What if you could reinvigorate your energy and flexibility – in just a few minutes a day? 
Five Super Simple Ways to Incorporate Yoga Into Your Daily Morning Routine

Let’s say I wanted to do a sales funnel for a yoga product. As my potential customer, you come across my free lead magnet on five easy ways to incorporate yoga into your daily morning routine and opt-in. This triggers a sales page for my yoga product, which goes into further detail on the problem (what I’m solving for you); perhaps it’s that you don’t have time, or perhaps you think you’re too old, or that you’re not flexible enough for yoga.

Address Objections

On this page, I address these objections and explain how I might be in my fifties, but have successfully incorporated yoga into my life. I also show you the benefits and what your life would be like if you DID use this product. Finally, I offer quick-action bonuses for signing up today (this is an important aspect). And you’re given the option to purchase then and there.

Are you looking for a deeper explanation of What a sales funnel is? Angela Chapa has done an excellent job explaining here.

Bonuses: When you’re designing your sales funnel, an integral aspect is that you want to also provide some free “stuff” to go with your offer. This can often provide the “time-sensitive” aspect that helps convert potential customers into paying customers. 

If you want to up your game even further, you can check out my course on Funnel Building Mastery that goes into more in-depth detail on these different steps. Because you do need a platform to practice this with, I have a 2-week free trial I recommend that allows you to take some time and play around with sales funnels.

In conclusion, a sales funnel brings your potential buyers through a process that makes it understandable and appealing to purchase your product. It can seem a bit complicated at first, I know – but by taking it slow and easy, you can design sales funnels that support and benefit your business! 

You’ve Got This!! 

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