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Why Feature Other YouTube Channels: Main Benefits
Published March 18, 2021

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Why Feature Other YouTube Channels: Main Benefits

Let’s discuss why you would want to feature other YouTube channels on your own channel. Typically, we would think of these as our competition, so why would we want to give them that exposure to help their channel grow? I’m going to explain why it’s a benefit for you to do this.

If you want to see how to feature other channels, I do have another video that teaches you the steps. You can go ahead and watch it here. But, before you do, let’s figure out what the benefits are.

Collaboration Is Better Than Competition

I want to mention one thing before I discuss the benefits of featuring other channels. I want you to change your mindset because you really want to be the best that you can be. However, we’re set up in our culture to always compete against other people who are doing the same thing. But, trying to outdo somebody in this world of YouTube videos is not the way to go.

What you want to do is help each other. You want to collaborate. So, don’t see other channels that are like yours as competitors in the sense that you want to outdo them. Instead, think of them as someone you want to collaborate with.

This means you can help lift each other up, because this is very important in this industry to help you be more successful. It also gives you integrity and helps you to give value to each other’s channels.

When I talk about competitors, I don’t want you to have a competitive spirit. Think of it this way. Anytime you’re doing something, there’s always going to be people out there that will be better than you. And, there’s nothing wrong with striving to do as well as they’re doing or even better.

This is not a problem. It’s just good competition. But, as you’re doing this, you also want to cheer them on. And, you want to learn from them because they have been through the same steps that you’re going through now and they’re successful.

You definitely want to learn from somebody who knows what they’re doing. It’s always our responsibility to give back anytime we’ve accomplished anything in life. Therefore, you want to help those who are on the other side of the spectrum as well.

People who are watching you, are learning from you. This means you’ll always have people that you’re helping and pulling up. And, then you’ll have people on the other side who are pulling you up. So it’s like going up the side of a mountain and everyone is helping to pull each other up and collaborating with each other.

other Youtube channels

So change your mindset. Competition is a good thing if it’s healthy competition. It’s not a case of wanting to outdo somebody and just totally destroy them. That’s not what it’s about. If you function that way, then you probably won’t be as successful.

Benefits Of Featuring Other YouTube Channels

Let’s see what it looks like when we feature other people’s channels.

Go to your channel. You can get there by clicking on the dropdown in the top right-hand corner. Then, click on channel.

your channel

If you’ve had your channel for a while, you know that you can customize it. You can add images, descriptions and even your favorite playlist.

On my channel, I have a section at the bottom called “featured channels”. I do have the ability to move this section around and even put it at the top, if I want to. With YouTube, you have the ability to add the channels that you want to feature or trade them out. Because I have around 3000 subscriber, I have a limit of six feature channels that I can add.

featuring other channels

I think YouTube has an algorithm that determines how many featured channels you can add in relation to the number of subscribers you have.

Two Reasons To Feature Other People’s Channels

There are basically two reasons why you should feature other people’s channels.

1. It Lets You Help Your Audience

It helps your viewers to see who you’re watching to help you grow. So you want to add other channels not only to help yourself but also to help your audience.

Who are your mentors? Who are the people that know more than you do? Therefore, if someone comes to your channel and wants to know more, they have the option of learning from others in your industry.

2. It Helps Others In Your Industry To Get More Exposure

You may have people in your audience who are just starting out and need more exposure. By featuring them, especially if they’re focused on complimentary topics to your own, you’re helping them to get more exposure.

Plus, you’re giving your audience more information simply by featuring others in your industry.

Most importantly, I believe the biggest reason to feature other channels is that you’re helping to lift other people up. And naturally, when you give and help other people, it will eventually come back. I really do believe that’s what happens.

Plus, when you show your subscribers that you care about them, it gives you integrity. Sure, some may leave and start watching someone you featured, but that’s OK. It shows how much you care about them.

I think most of your subscriber will stick around though. That’s because you’re showing your loyalty and your integrity by helping others. So, whatever you put out will come back tenfold. It’s that simple.

I hope that you now understand the importance of featuring other YouTube channels.

You’ve Got This!

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